The Joys of Fosterhood

One of the hardest parts about rescue is also the most rewarding parts and profound ways you can help make a difference. Become a Foster Parent.

Whenever I tell people I foster dogs, typically they say something to the effect of “Oh that’s great! I could never do that though. I would get too attached. How do you not want to keep all of them? Don’t you fall in love?” Honestly, I find these sorts of comments somewhat challenging.

Yes, I fall in love want to keep every single one of these pups! In fact, my very first foster never left my home (Willy – pictured below).

Willy - My first foster...failed foster. Rescued from Downey by Perfect Pet Rescue.

However, I also know that every dog I keep is one less dog that will make it out of the shelter. This concept really didn’t sink in until I started going to the shelters myself and seeing all of the amazing dogs — big, little, young, old, mixed breed, purebred — packed into the kennels. They were scared, sad, lonely, confused, cold, dirty, hungry, rejected, hurt, and begging to be loved, bathed, fed, cared for — begging to live.  Every dog a rescue places into a forever home is one more available home that can open their doors to one of these desperate dogs.

With that said, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to foster! But, I think it’s best to let the fosters explain the joys of fostering in their own words. Check out some of the reasons why our incredible, selfless, and dedicated friends foster…

  •  You hold your heart to a higher, more selfless purpose, being of service and making a difference.  One dog at a time, one day at a time. Just a little space in your home for a little while could save a life.
  • You don’t let inconvenience stop you.  Making a difference and being of service isn’t always easy and doesn’t always fit into our plans.  But there is always a way to do some part in some way, just takes a little creativity.
  • Fostering builds your heart even bigger and stronger.  You do create bonds and you do have to say goodbye, because it is about your foster dog and every other dog waiting to live and be loved.  It’s not about us.
  • Why take time to foster animals when there are so many other economical and global issues at our own front doors?  To answer this I think of a quote by Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.
  • Fostering dogs has been an amazing experience for us. The idea that there are so many animals that are being euthanized for the simple fact of animal overpopulation is disheartening. We have always wanted to help but did not really know the best way to do so. We started by simply pledging money to save dogs but found that if there are no people willing to foster or adopt, all the money in the world is meaningless.
  • By fostering a dog you are able to really help and make a difference in the life of an animal that had little to no chance at experiencing what wonderful things the world has to offer; the most important of which is love.
  • For us fostering has helped our dog that is not always the best with other dogs. She has had the ability to play, socialize, and just be a dog with our past fosters, In turn, our dog has done the same for the foster making him more adoptable in the search for a forever home.
  • While saying goodbye to our fosters have been filled with tears of joy, I know that we have made a difference in not just in the life of a dog but in the lives of a mother, father, child, a family. It is not difficult to have a foster and while this will not solve the animal overpopulation problem, it is a start in bringing awareness to the issue of mandatory spaying and neutering.
A few rescued dogs in their foster homes…now all in their forever homes (thanks to their fosters!). ♥

Sugar - Fostered in a great home with 3 kitties and an amazing foster mama! Cooper's foster familiy rocked! He learned how to be a normal puppy and love everyone.Huey in his amazing foster family who provided love and structure.Brewsky learned so much from his big foster sis, including how to spoon!Yuki & Sammy. Both rescued from North Central and found the best forever families!Luna loved watching TV with her foster dad.


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